Find here a guide pertaining the proper way to cover Golden Sets, this is to avoid situations in which the golden set is not updated correctly and consequently its data, including the scoresheet file, are not synced as expected. 

1. Once the regular match has finished, the system will ask you to either move on to Scoresheet Approval procedure or to Play a Golden Set, please make sure that you select the button "Play Golden Set".

2. When the golden set is starting, the system will prompt you and the supervisor to input your credentials, fill them in and continue.

3. Once the final point of the set is added, click on the button "Scoresheet Approval".

4. Fill in your scorer credentials and have the 1st referee and the supervisor to do this as well. Now click on "Approve and Finalize Match". 

5. The system will now automatically direct you to the screen below, click on "Upload Match" and wait for the confirmation that the match has been updated successfully.