This guide provides step-by-step instructions on creating and editing a question or checklist item used when assembling eForm Types via the eForms Tasks section in the eForm Area.

Creating a new question/ checklist item:


  1. Navigate to the eForms Tasks section. The section will present the list of existing questions, if not empty (see the picture below).

  2. Click on "Add new record", fill in all fields in the appeared widget called "Insert New Item", and click on "Insert".


    Code: Identification code used for filtering. It is not visible in the Supervisor UI.
    Title of the question/checklist item, a short description.
    The primary categorization.
    The assignee to answer the question/checklist item.
    Sub Group: 
    The secondary categorization in the forms (if any).
    Requirements connected to the eForm (if needed), just a comment regarding the necessity of competition. Example: ‘In case of matches with artificial light’, it will appear in parentheses after the title for dedicated eForms.
    The deadline to answer the question/ checklist item.
    if present will be shown to the Supervisor as a tooltip.
    Could be used to specify the interrelation with another eForm, (displayed only in the eForms Area, used for search and filtering).
    Frequency Type: 
    It defines how often the task will appear in the form (once/daily). If daily, the task will be duplicated for every competition day. However, this option was unnecessary in present eForms, so it is not used yet. A general suggestion is to leave it “Once” unless the eForm requires otherwise.
    Required Y/N:
    If a Y/N field must be present in the task (in addition to the standard “Checked” field).
    Required Remarks Y/N:
    if remarks field must be present in the task (in addition to the standard “Checked” field).

Editing an existing question/checklist item:

  1. To edit an existing question/checklist item, navigate to the same eForms Tasks section in the eForms Area, select the needed question/checklist item and click on "edit" (as per the picture below).

  2. Change the desired information in the fields and click on "Update".

    Below is an example of how the same created questions/checklist items look in the eForm template for the filler (i.e. supervisor) and how it looks for the users from CEV Beach Department operating the eForms Area.

    Supervisor UI:
    eForms Area:

    If you have any questions or comments related to this document or eForms Area in general, you can always raise a support ticket here.