This page will guide you on how to display games for the current season on the OTT platform.

At the start of the next season, league managers usually face the issue that the OTT platform is showing games from the last season, even though the new season, competition, and games are created in WCM. 

Firstly, in order to do that, League manager should know his wanted competition ID from the current season.

How to find competition ID

This can be done from the Competition page in WCM, by selecting competition.

Open the WCM > Competition Manager > Competition > Press on your wanted competition > Competition ID can be found in Competition Site URL.

How to display current season games on the OTT platform

The league manager can update such information directly from WCM.

Open the WCM > Competition Manager > Setting Panel > select a type Settings > change Competition DefaultID with current season competition ID.

Once the above information is changed, please wait for around 10 minutes and information with current season dates should appear.