Important changes to the future of Web Competition Manager (WCM):

Genius Sports is currently developing a new generation Volleyball Competition Management System (CMS), which will support the main Volleyball disciplines (i.e., Indoor, Beach & Snow). 

The new CMS will be a workflow-based application powered by the latest industry technology standards with a significantly revamped user interface for the best user experience.

Therefore, we have now placed the current WCM into maintenance mode. This means we will be closing most of the open, not yet developed feature requests and will stop accepting new requests while we focus on the new Volleyball Competition Management System development. While being in the maintenance mode, we will still assess and address critical issues of WCM such as interference for the game to go live. Each case will be discussed individually between the client and Genius Sports. 


The minimum viable product (MVP) version of the Volleyball Competition Management System is planned to be released by the end of Q1 2022. After testing the MVP version with a few selected partners, the first complete version should become available for the start of 2022/2023 season.