Form 05/09 – is the form of the list of players and staff for a match (but can be assigned to a different level of the competition) and is compiled by the team. Form that must be filled 1 week before match with the players in the roster and staff. User can nominate the staff, coaches and team officials also including some extra team officials. Then CEV has to approve it.


Forms 05/09 are created using the tab “Add 09/05” from WCM/Forms page, following the steps described in page. 

Practically, form 05/09 will be created for an entire level of a competition or for each match that exists in a selected level of a competition.

Form 05/09 is created for matches, adding data about the nominated players and staff. It is the same form (05/09) but the name and some minor details changed accordingly with the Cup type of the competition where is created.


Only logged users can access the form part, for creation only Administrators are allowed.

For form 05/09, as for all forms, except Administrators, Supervisors and Forms Administrators, only assigned users can see and operate the forms. The administrators are having all the rights over the forms, in case of wrong data or required adjustments.


Form 05/09 will have a list of players in the left of the page, the players that were approved in 04 form. From that list, user can select and nominate the players he wants, for the form’s match.

Editing, the numbers of the players can be changed also. Saving and confirming the form, also the 04 and corresponding 05Bis/09Bis form data will be affected. 

If there are players in 04 Form that are not approved yet, those are displayed in the next area and can be nominated too by using the drop down selection and the button “Ask for 09 form”. 

Below, user can nominate the staff, coaches and team officials, also including some extra team officials, according to his choice and CEV regulations. 

The user can nominate the uniform colors, using the one defined in form 02 or his own. 

Only for the visiting team some details about the travel information will be requested. 

Once confirmed, the Official Team, Official Rosters and Official Staff will be created. Form 05Bis/09Bis will be also created . 

Closing the form will check for the form data and close the form for further modifications unless Administration rights.