Form 04 must be created using tab ''Add 04'' in Forms/WCM and represents the form with the team components details for the entire Competition (players and coaches).

Step 1. User must select a specific team in the season, or all the teams from a selected level of competition. 

Step 2. User must select the level to which the form will be assigned. 

Step 3. User must select the deadline of the form.

Step 4. There is the possibility to add form TEM (Top Events media form), where user can designate starred players and add some data about the players.


Only logged users can access the form part, for creation only Administrators are allowed.

For form 04, as for all forms, except Administrators and Forms Administrators, only assigned users can see and operate the forms. Administrators have all the rights over the forms, in case of wrong data or required adjustments.


The 04 form has two distinctive parts, 04 and 04Player.

Form 04


Form 04Team inscription. Team must register players and officials, update pictures and team contacts. 04 Form is created for the season, but it is connected to the competition where the team is playing. Every season this form must be filled out from the scratch. This form is only to be used for players duly fulfilling the conditions of being able to be part of the relevant team. That is a very important form, except the cases when form 09/05 or 09bis/05Bis exists, the players' data will be taken from 04 and 04 Player forms.

In 04 form, the entire team is present, players can be added or deleted, licenses approved or revoked, players can be published or not. 

Also, the are some icons coded to give general information about the players' status, also some tooltips that give some details about that (email missing, no image, player account not created or not confirmed, etc.).

In the coaches’ area, where head coaches and their assistants can be inserted using the tools that will pop up when “Insert/Change” button is clicked.  Coaches' picture can be added too, using the provided tool from the page. 

There is a part to enter personal details together with contact details of a responsible person that has registered the players.

On Closing this form, a check about the coaches is made. If there are some changes the user will be asked to add some details regarding the date for changes or other persons if requested. If all are completed correctly, the team will be inserted into the official team's table.

When confirming the 04 Form, the Official Team is created (if didn’t already exist) and updated with the new data. Same for Officials (coaches), also, is checking if TEM form was requested and creating the corresponding one. After those, the system is checking for players' accounts and creates them if the email is provided(if an account is not already created). As we know, if a player account is created, an email for account confirmation is sent to the player to activate it.

Form 04 - Player


Form 04Player - this form is created when a player is added in form 04 and represents the detailed form for each team player. For a new player insertion, user has the possibility to search and select an existing player from DB, or to add an absolutely new one and wait for CEV approval. Details about the player are to be filled in the page, starting with the player status (Additional player, Transferred or supplementary), photo image, date of birth, history, nationality, transfers, physical data, personal media info, all can be seen and modify in this page.

Players can be added from form 04, using one of the three buttons below the players' list (Add new Player License, Add Additional Players License (for an already licensed player,) or Add Transferred Player License.  

Details about the player have to be filled in the page, starting with the player status (Additional player, Transferred or supplementary), photo image, date of birth, history, nationality, transfers, physical data, personal media info, all can be seen and modified in this page. Also, here the player will get an account that will provide him access to player's area. The account must be confirmed by the player too.  

For photo images, user can choose from a new image (1800 x 2800 pixels, 300 dpi minimum), or from the previous images from other seasons, displayed in the Player Photo pop-up window. 

Nationality history is displayed and can be managed using the Manage History button, adding only approved by CEV, or just asking for a nationality change to CEV using the nations list and the date pick-up under and just save the form. 

Similarly ‘'Federations of Origin'' area and ‘’Citizenships’' will be managed.

For the ‘'Transfers’' area, the user can ask for a new transfer and check the history of the past transfers using the tools on the page. If he wants to ask for a new transfer, a user got to fill the requested fields (federation, FIVB transfer no, etc.) and just save the form.

The ‘'Clubs’' and ‘'National Teams selections’' activity history can be checked and managed in the corresponding areas, also ‘'Individual awards’' can be completed there.

The personal data can be filled automatically copying the data from the previous season, or by the user.

For the Media area, the social media data will be completed by a user as described on the page taking care that those will be displayed in the player details page on the CEV website.

The Player's email is required in order to assign him an account (if he doesn’t have one yet).

On player account creation (click Create player account button), an email with the password, account and a link to the confirmation page is sent to the player’s email, so he can confirm his account and use it. 

In case a player must be deleted, for various reasons, the delete button from corresponding form 04 will be clicked and a page that shows if the player is included or not in 09 or 09 Bis forms is displayed, together with a warning about the deleting operation.

In the same way user can revoke player license or remove him from the team, using corresponding buttons from form 04.

After completing all data regarding the new inserted player, a user must click the button “Insert as NEW Player and wait for Approval”, or, if it is Administrator, he can insert and confirm simultaneously using the button ‘'Insert as NEW Player in OFFICIAL DB and Confirm’'. 

If the player is not new, the user must confirm only the 04Player form data into Official DB. (a dedicated button will appear when all data is completed).

Any problem regarding completed data will be displayed in red with a request to solve it before next step.


Form 04 can be moved from one competition to another, if a team is moving, using the “Change Form Competition” option from the Administration area of the form.

Forms 04 can be searched in tab Search from Forms/WCM, selecting season type, season, gender, form type “Team Component Inscription” and form type “04”. Also, the form will appear in Federation Area and Club areas for the designated user.