Form 02 – in this form club must complete the data regarding team details (logo, staff, uniforms and media).


To create form 02 user must go to the tab ‘'Add 02’' and follow the steps described there:

Step 1. User must select a specific team in the season, or all the teams from a selected level of competition. 

Step 2. User must select the level to which the form will be assigned. 

Step 3. User must select the deadline of the form.

Step 4. User must choose if form will display the area of uniforms (usually only for clubs).

After completing all the steps, the user has to Assign the form. 


Only logged users can access the part of the form, for creation only Administrators are allowed.

For form 02, as for all forms, except Administrators, only assigned users can see and operate the forms. The administrators are having all the rights over the forms, in case of wrong data or required adjustments.


User must select from lists the persons for designated functions, the contact data will automatically fill the contacts areas. If persons are missing or contacts are wrong, should be added or changes made in the National Federation / Club interface. 

The Media details must be inserted accordingly to the form indications.

For 02 forms that display the Team Uniform Colors, fields must be filled also. 

When all data is completed, the form must be closed and sent to CEV. 

On confirmation, the media will replace the existing Yellow Pages media, also the Club responsible persons.


Form 02 can be searched in tab Search from Forms/WCM, selecting season type, season, gender, and form type “02”. Also, the form will appear in Federation Area and Club areas for the designated user.