Form 01CH – form, in which National Team needs to register for the competition. Season, gender, competition must be selected before list of national teams. In form, there are all details about the registration of the team.  By signing this form, the National Federation agrees on regulations of CEV competitions.


To assign form 01CH user must use the option ‘'Add 01 CH’' inside ‘'Forms’' tab in CEV WCM. 

Season, gender, the competition must be selected in order for the dropdown list of national teams, deadline and form text can be displayed. 

There is a default text that can be changed using the “Modify" Default text” button, which will fill the form details, those could be changed as the user whish with his own data. 

Already assigned teams/federations are displayed in the list with a red on a yellow background and are impossible to be selected.  The assignment will be done only for selected teams from the list.



Only logged users can access the part of the form, for creation only Administrators are allowed.

For form 01CH, as for all forms, except Administrators, Supervisors and Form administrators, only assigned users can see and operate the forms. The administrators are having all the rights over the forms, in case of wrong data or required adjustments


Federation user can check the boxes for “Can Organize” from the competition phase if he wishes. The form must be printed, signed, and sent to CEV at

Once the form is closed, a team is created for that season.


Forms 01CH can be searched in tab Search from Forms/WCM, selecting season type, season, gender, and form type “01CH”.