To assign form 01 to Federations for the club’s competitions assignment, a user must go to “Add 01 EC” tab from “Forms” option from the WCM menu.

User must select season, gender and deadline, also how many slots allow each federation to have for every competition type, together with some Vacancies Slots, if required.

User has the option to save temporary setup without assigning the forms, to check later, using the button “Save Temporary Status”.


Only logged users can access the part of the form, for creation only Administrators are allowed. 

For form 01, as for all forms, except Administrators, Supervisors and Form administrators, only assigned users can see and operate the forms. The administrators are having all the rights over the forms, in case of wrong data or required adjustments. 


Forms 01 are having two parts: 01 to be filled by Federations and 01C to be filled by Clubs.

Form 01


Form 01 – it is about Team registration for the tournament. (Visible for the team once National Federation selects team for competition and CEV approves it). Name, club code, contact information is included. This form is filled by Federations.

For form 01 Federations will fill the teams for the allocated slots, also proposals for the team’s short name and code.  Federation can insert new slots. 

On closing, emails will be sent automatically to all clubs from the filled slots. 

In order to fill the form correctly, a National Federation cup responsible must be nominated and his contact details added if they aren’t automatically filled in or if contact details are different than the ones already in Data Base. 

Teams will be inserted into National Championship or National Cup areas, selecting the team form the list, establish the insert area and position and clicking Insert button.

From inserted teams, the user will select them to the desired position in the Registration of Teams area. Also, user will have to complete the contact data if it is not existing already in DB or If it is wrong. 

Once data is filled correctly, the federation user can click the button “Save & Send to Club” and an email with the form 01C will be sent to Club email to be filled with data.

There is, also, the possibility to move teams from competitions into other ones, as an example: from Champions League to Challenge Cup. 

Once form 01 is closed, Federation users can't open it again, only Administrators are allowed. 

Also, as for all forms, the Administration area of the form is editable only for Administrators.

Once form 01 is confirmed, teams are created for all clubs from form.

Form 01C (Club)


Form 01C (Club) – it is filled by the Club nominated person with data regarding Proposed Team denomination, short name, code, as well as Organising Director Information (including contact details), designated hall.

Form 01C will be filled by the Club nominated person with data regarding Proposed Team denomination, short name, code, if wishes to promote to different competition.

A person is designated as Organizing Director, selected from the list or created using the provided tool.  Data regarding his contact details must be filled in correctly. 

A hall must be designated also, selected from the list or created on the page.

Club representative also has the possibility to ask CEV questions, using “Ask CEV a question” button, in case something is unclear.

Once all the details are filled in, Club can Close and send to NF the form. No changes are allowed from the club after closing.


Form 01 can be searched in tab Search from Forms/WCM, selecting season type, season, gender and form type “01”. 

Forms 01C can be searched using tab Forms 01 from Forms, selecting season and federation. Also, it could be exported that list to XLS format in the same place. (Form 01 XLS)

The forms will appear also in the Federation area and Club Area, for corresponding federations and clubs.