This article will guide on how to check an official match. This test will check the match information and the connection to the server.

1. Load a match from online calendar

1. Choose your Federation or League, enter your username and password click on [Next] button. 

2. Choose Competition among those available and click on [Next] button. 

3. Choose the match you want among those present and click on [Load Match] button.

Once loaded the match, insert the players on the online roster for each team (you can still add players manually). When placing the Line Up you can load information directly from e-scoresheet, the software to compile the official scoresheet (if available for the Federation).

Before start the match, enable Live Match, needed to update the result online on the website of your Federation or League.

At the end of the match click on [Upload] to send the official result of the match. You can also send the report at the end of each set (required for some Federations).

2. Check an online match

For avoiding problems with the official matches you need to control your match one or two days before. In particular, we must ensure that the permissions and rosters are correct and that the internet connection is working properly. After selecting the competition and the Match to go and found that the info and rosters are correct, click [Execute Check]. The verification shall be recorded in the database of the Federation.