This article will guide on how to check an official match. This test will check the match information and the connection to the server.

Open e-Scoresheet, click New Match

Select "Check an official match", click Next

You will be asked to enter login and password, provided by the Federation when loading and verifying official matches.
Enter your credentials, click Next

Please note. If you are not able to see federations list please try to open following URL in the browser: (it should ask for credentials).

If connection is unsuccessful this is firewall issue. You may try different connections to solve it (E.g. mobile).

Once the correct match is selected, click OK

You will prompted to check both rosters, click Next, then OK

The Test Live match button will appear and it will start flashing, press it -> 

-> and the following message box will appear:

Press Execute Check to run the check.
A message will confirm if the match has been checked successfully

Following indication in Control Panel shows that match has been checked successfully.