The license of Click & Scout is not working with different Computers. 

1. How to move files of the scouted matches

2. How to activate a license on a new PC.

  1. To move all matches from the old PC to the new one please copy the file ClickScoutDatabase.db3. To get the file please follow this path to find relevant information: \Documents\DataProject\ClickScout

  2. Click & Scout can be activated on one PC only, as Software's license is not linked only to the customer's account, but to the ID of the customer's PC also.

    How to solve it?
  • Generate a c2v file from offline activation. To get the file, please follow this path: Run the software -> click on offline activation -> c2v;
  • Send it to The relevant team will restore it and generate a license for the new device;
  • When the Volleyball Support team sends the new v2c file back, please download and unzip it; 
  • Run the software, click on tool -> Activation offline -> apply v2c;
  • Select the v2c file and activate it.

 Disable the antivirus and firewall for the time needed for the license activation, be sure to have your device connected to the internet.