This article will show you how to configure the Team Standings or Player rankings that are displayed in the Statistical Microsite and how to filter Player rankings according to the league requirements.

Log in to your WCM -> go to Web Site Admin -> log in using your admin credentials.

Go to "Team Standings / Player Rankings".

Team Standings 

1. Choose the criteria that will be used to order the Team Standings at the end of each match from drop-down list un click Update order criteria.

2. Select from the following table the Championships for which you want to reorder the Team Standings using the Order Criteria chosen from the previous dropdown list.

3. Click Reorder Team Standings

Player Rankings

1. Now go to the Player Rankings area below where you will see a series of dropdown menus.

2. Now select the season and where you want to apply these filters.

3. Select the type of filter you want to apply. This will determine the information that the system will look at when choosing the players that will appear in the rankings.

4. Depending on the filter type, now you can set the value number each player has to have to appear in the rankings. In this example, we chose Minimum number of matches. Thus,

a. only players that have played 3 games in the competition will appear in the rankings, and

b. only players that have played 2 games in this specific phase of the competition will appear in the rankings.

5. Now you only have to Update the filter parameters and the changes will apply to your Microsite after some minutes.