The aim of this document is to present how to manage existing galleries from a League manager perspective.

The Media Management System is intended to work in two ways:

  1. The media are added by the clubs, which can also publish them. During this process, the media will be visible only in the related match and in the respective media archive. Then, the galleries can be reviewed by the League Manager who can change them and in case can publish them in the various places (Archive, Home Page, Slider)
  2. Another option is that the League Manager can manage the galleries from his side, without the intervention of the Clubs.

In this document, we’ll go in deep in the case 1, considering that the case 2 is simply an extension of it.

How to manage Galleries

1. Log in to your WCM -> go to Web Site Admin -> log in using your admin credentials.

Click Photogallery

For each gallery, the possible actions are:

  • Lock: means the clubs cannot change the gallery (directly in the list, by using check-box)
  • Publish date: the gallery will be visible since the selected day (under EDIT)
  • Publish: needed to make the gallery visible in the external web sites (directly in the list, by using check-box) 
  • Position: for the gallery the options are (under EDIT):
    • Archive: visible only in the media archive of the respective competition and the main site. Here the complete history will be shown, ordered by publish date in descending order (the last on top)
    • Home Page: visible in the main site home page. Here the system will show all the galleries having this option selected. Once you will change this setting for a gallery, we suggest to check the final result, as this is strictly related to the number of actual galleries to be shown in the home page. You can decide when to remove a gallery from the main page, and disable that option for it.

If you click on Edit, you will be able to adjust/edit the following settings (screenshot below).

Note. Besides settings mentioned above, you can add tags and select picture for a cover image of a gallery.