This article will guide you on how to create a Playoff Grid in WCM admin panel for visibility in your Microsite.

To create a playoff tree for the microsite view using WCM, please follow these steps:

1. Select the championship you want to create the Playoff view for.

2. Select the championship method that will be used to create a playoff view. (At the moment, only some of the championship Methods are enabled for playoff grid, you find them marked with a * in the picture)

3. Update the Championship information to update the championship method. 

This will possibly reset the previous playoff grid created for the selected championship if present.

4. At this point, you should now be able to see the “playofftab

5. Please select a structure to be used for the Playoff grid, this will prompt you the appropriate grid, notes, tips, etc.

6. Click on “INSERT New Structure”. 


 This will possibly reset previous playoff grid created for the selected championship if present.

 A confirmation pop-up will ALWAYS remind you this. Just approve it, if you are sure.

Now you are able to compile the championship tree:

7. Select the match you want to assign to the specified position.

8. If needed you can switch Home and Guest teams by clicking on this checkbox.

9. Here you can save notes regarding that particular match, e.g. “Match TBA” or so.

10. Click on “SAVE Changes”, you’re finally done!

Please always remember to click this, otherwise, nothing you inserted in the grid will be saved.

Notice that all changes made through this panel are only meant for visualization purpose in the microsite and won’t affect in any way the championship in WCM. E.g. switching home and guest team in the playoff tree, won’t switch them in the WCM championship.