This article will guide you on how to enable/disable and customize the warning message for the OTT streaming web page in case of a technical issue.

If the streaming for a specific match is not available, there is a feature that allows to disable the streaming for that match and displays a message informing that the streaming is not available.

1. How to set up the Tech Issue feature


To enable the Tech Issue option, from WCM homepage go to Control Panel.

Find the match of interest and enable the Tech Issue by clicking on the corresponding button.


It is also possible to enable several matches at once. Select the matches of interest and click the Streaming – Set Tech issue button.


Once the Tech Issue is enabled, the match streaming box is disabled, and an alert message is displayed in the OTT streaming website.


2. How to disable the Tech Issue feature


To disable the Tech Issue message, click on the corresponding button for the match of interest or select several matches and click on Streaming – Remove Tech Issue.


3. How to customize the message


It is possible to customize the message displayed for the Tech Issue feature.


1) from WCM homepage ( go to Website Admin.


2) log in


3) go to tab Translation, search Streaming Tech Issue

4) change the message in the text box, add a tick and click Save Checked Items.