This guide contains a general overview of the main taskbars like File, Game, Reports, Settings, Help, and Printing Settings. 

It is possible to navigate back to pre-game set up from in-game screen using the top bar. It is also used for game remarks, reports and application settings.


These clickable options are located at the top of the screen and each of them has a different number of options.


You can close or exit the game



 Within this option, you will be able to easily edit the previous information that was set up before the game:

  • Game information;
  • Team details;
  • Players;
  • Print Settings.

You can even switch team sides.


 You can navigate between edit sections from the menu at the bottom of the screen

1. 2.

Within this option, you will be able to generate match reports.


Within this option, you will be able to change environments.

There are Production and Test. 

Every Live game should be tracked in the Production environment.


Within this option, you will be able:

  • to check game information (its number, league, match key);
  • to fill out a report and send it to the support team;
  • to check out the latest version of the program;
  • to read terms and conditions.