In this guide, new users will find the step-by-step process to start scouting a game as well as a description of the different ways you can open a game.

Supported resolution (at present):

Scaling: 100%

Display resolution: 1920 x 1080

Display orientation: Landscape 

In target to adapt them go to Settings -> Display -> Scale and layout

Connected Workflows

Might be followed by:

- Menu Workflow

- Rally Workflow

Open e-Scoresheet application
Select a method how to continue:
  1. By adding License Number
  2. Proceed without License Number (no License)

(Check the animated graphic to see this whole process)

How to create License Number, you can read here

1. Opening/creating a match.

1. You can open an official match entering a game key.

2. You are able to create a match to be scouted offline by adding all the required information manually.

3. There is also an option to create a training match for test purposes.

4. Previously opened/created matches are available in Existing Matches section.

5. Your matches are available by entering License Number mentioned in the previous paragraph. License allows to start an official match without entering a game key.

2. Pre-game information.
1. Once creating or opening a match you will have to run System Check. Please select Connection Type and Run the test.

2. When creating a match from zero, you have to fill the required fields in the Match Information tab to continue. 
  1. If you opened a game with a match key or license, some of the fields on the Match Information tab will be filled out. You have to make sure you fill the rest of the fields or the form will throw a validation error and the user will not be allowed to proceed to scoring.
  2. You can navigate through the other pre-game tabs at the bottom left. The tabs will have a different color if there is missing information.
  3. Data for a match can be saved or deleted from the application using the buttons at the bottom right.

3. In the following step you will need to update information relevant to the Teams: colors and position (Home or Away).

4. In the Players tab you will be able to see the list of players and select team captain for each of the teams.

(Check the animated graphic to see this whole process)

3. Coin Toss and Initial Lineups.

This is the last step before initializing a match as per standard official game workflow. 

1. First, you have to collect signatures from the team captains.

*Team captain may be changed during Coin Toss procedure as per following picture:

2. Choose which team won the coin toss and if they decided to serve/receive or select court side

3. Then, you have to input opposite selection from the team that lost the coin toss.

4. This is followed by the lineups selection to confirm the players on court.

The match will start as soon as you confirm the Lineups and update the first serve.

Final Summary of the Workflow
Open/create a new match → System Check Fill the necessary fields on the Match Information tab → Choose team colors and position → Choose team captain → Collect signatures from the team captains Select Coin Toss winner → Select who is serving/receiving → Input what side of the court each team will be playing → Select starting Lineups → Update the first serve.