This page will guide you through the process of uploading Sponsor image into the OTT streaming webpage as well as managing general information about the sponsor through the WCM.

The League manager is able to upload via WCM advertisements to be shown in the OTT streaming webpage. 

How to upload sponsors’ images

This can be done from the Team Details page, Sponsors section. 

Open the WCM > Competition > Team Management > click the button “i” (edit team) for the team you want to add sponsor images.

Clicking on the “Add Sponsor to team” button → 

→ a new pop-up window will appear and the user will be able:

  • to insert the sponsor's information from the drop-down list “Select a Sponsor”

  • to add the new one by clicking on the “Sponsor is not in the listcheckbox 



Best image size to upload is 500x130 pixel or proportionally.

A specific note is required for the Type field because based on that, different visibility will be applied to the logo. In particular, “Streaming” means it will be shown in the streaming popup when the team is home or guest.

When the mandatory fields are filled in, clicking on the button, the sponsor will be created and connected to the team. Starting from that moment, it will be visible in the Team Details page.

As well as in the Sponsor Page.

It’s possible to find and to manage all the sponsors included in the system and to add new ones in the “Sponsors” section.