This document will guide you through the process of creating a customized informative message for the video assets within InPlayer accounts

1. Enter your InPlayer

2. Go to Assets. Use the Search option, if there are many games. 

3. Pick the Asset (a game) that should get the informational message and click on EDIT

4. Click Content

Before you start to edit/change/replace the text message, we do strongly suggest saving the previous content/textin case you want to come back to the streaming!

5. Copy the message you would like to have in the following format (example text included) and save it:

                <div style="margin: 100px auto;line-height: 30px;font-size: 20px;">Due to technical difficulties on site, we are unable to provide the stream<br/>We apologize for the inconvenience</div>

An updated message will appear on your website by clicking on the game instead of the default message.


The change will be visible only after some minutes due to cache reasons – be patient about it!