Web Competition Manager Club Area has been completely renovated.

The enhancements concern not only the look but also the usability of the Area, that has been conceived to be easy-to-use and best-performing at the same time, as well as mobile-friendly.

This operation will enable clubs to access all their information in the most complete and efficient way, easing both clubs and organization work.

All the necessary information included in the Yellow Pages about Officials, National Federations, Clubs, Stadiums and Hotels can be easily shared with other clubs or the Organization.

Roster, players and staff’s pictures, and all the other team’s details can be managed through the Team Area.

Gallery with photo, video and audio, News, and any file that may be useful for your and other Clubs (e.g. a team picture needed for a leaflet to distribute to the audience in the Stadium), can be managed through the Match List.

The Download area contains links to download Data Project software Media, Plugins, Apps and Handbooks.