Volleyball e-Scoresheet is a software application that allows users around the world to record volleyball match statistics in real-time. The e-Scoresheet has been developed to help the scorer during the match scoring while following all the game phases and different situations that can occur during a match.

The e-Scoresheet has been developed to guarantee a complete check, reliability and the univocal correspondence of data. The following workflows ensure this: 

  • Unique ID numbers always identify referees, Teams, Players and Members;
  • The specific parameters of the competitions are set on a ”central level” to avoid mistakes and personal initiatives of scorers.

At the end of a match, the official scoresheet information can be updated on the central database to automatically update the tables concerning scores, referees, sanctions, etc. Moreover, the data collected via e-Scoresheet can be displayed in real-time on a dedicated microsite in the play-by-play section for fan engagement purposes.