In order to create a new match, we should make sure that we have already created the following:

  • Teams
  • Match Officials 
  • Venue
  • Competition Structure

After having all of this created, we can move on and create a new Match.

1. Log in to WCM using your credentials.

2. Click on “Competition Manager”.

3. Click on Competition -> Select the competition you would like to add the teams -> Phase -> Championship -> Leg.

4. On the top right of the screen, click on "INSERT New Match"

5. Fill out the details of the match and finally click on "INSERT New Match"

Note: Choosing the Teams, you will have the possibility to choose a real team, in case the match is already decided, or to set a manual name for the Team, in case the match is not yet decided (like in case of semifinals and finals, where you can use “Winner of Match L-001”)