This article will show you how to create a new match for your competition.

In order to create a new match, we should make sure that we have already created the following:

  • Teams
  • Match Officials 
  • Venue
  • Competition Structure

After having all of this created, we can move on and create a new Match.

1) The first thing we’d like to do is to log in to WCM using your credentials.

2) After logging in, click on After logging in, click on “COMP. MANAGER”.

3) On the left side of the screen click on Competition > Select the competition you would like to add the teams > Phase > Championship > Leg.

4) On the top right of the screen, click on "INSERT New Match"

5) Fill out the details of the match and finally click on "INSERT New Match"

Note: Choosing the Teams, you will have the possibility to choose a real team, in case the match is already decided, or to set a manual name for the Team, in case the match is not yet decided (like in case of semifinals and finals, where you can use “Winner of Match L-001”)