This article will provide you with the steps on how to insert a Competition and the structure.

Once the Teams are inside the system, you can go on adding the Competition Structure (Competition – Phases – Championships – Legs – Matches). An example of a wellformed competition structure could be: 

  • CMP: Volleyball League 2020/2021 
    • PHA: Main Phase 
      • CHA: Regular Season 
        • LEG: 1st Round 
        • LEG: 2nd Roun
    • PHA: Final Round 
      • CHA: Play-Off 
        •  LEG: Quarter Finals 
        • LEG: Semifinals 
        • LEG: Finals 
      • CHA: Play Out
        • LEG: Semifinals 
        • LEG: Finals 
  •  CMP: Supercup 2020/2021
    •  PHA: Supercup 2020/2021
      •  CHA: Supercup 
        • LEG: Finals 

How to create a Competition

1. Log in to WCM using your credentials.

2. Click on “Competition Manager”.

3. Click on “Competition” then on “Season Details.” 

4. On the top right of the screen click on "INSERT New Competition".

5. Fill out the details of the competition and finally click on "INSERT New Competition".

Now the competition will appear in the Competition Tab.

How to create a Phase

1. After creating the competition, click on the competition you have created and click on "INSERT New Phase."

2. Add the details about the Phase and finally click on "INSERT Phase"

How to create a Championship

1. Now that we have a Phase created, select the Phase and on the top right click on "INSERT New Championship."

2. Fill out the information and then click on "INSERT Championship"

Note: In championship method, you can select between Point Round, KO System, Final 4, PlayOff, PlayOut, PlayOut+Classification, and Playout+Classifcation. 

How to create a Leg

1. Now that we have a Championship created, we are able to create a Leg by going to the Championship and on the top right click on "INSERT New Leg".

2. Fill out the details about the Leg and click on "INSERT Leg".

 Note: In Leg Type, you can select between Home, Away, Preliminary Round, 8th, 4th, Semifinal, Final, Final 3rd, Main Round, 1st Round, 2nd Round, and 3rd Round.