This article will provide you with the steps to create a new competition.


Competition is the second level of the tournament structure. At the end of the competition, usually, there is a winner.

1. Log in to WCM using your credentials.

2. Click on “Competition Manager

3. Click on "Competition" then on “Season Details

4. On the top right of the screen, click on “INSERT New Competition”, if you are creating competition for the first time or "IMPORT Previous Season", if you are an Administrator, who already managed competitions. 

1) If you use "IMPORT Previous Season" button: 

A new window will open. Follow the steps described in the window. After performing all the steps, click on "Start Process."

2) If you use "INSERT New Competition" button:

A new window will open, to fill information about the Competition. Make sure to fill out the sections with the red asterisks. After filling it out, click on "INSERT New Competition." 

  • Description: it is the name of the Competition in the system and will be used in the Web Competition Manager and for the external interfaces
  • Short Description: it is a short name for the competition, used where the number of symbols is limited.
  • Description Code: it is a field used in the system to identify the Competition. The suggestion is to use up to three letters to identify the competition and two numbers for the year (e.g. RS13). 
  • Competition Type: this field identifies the participant category and gender of the Competition. As it serves to filter the Clubs adding the Teams in the Championships, it's essential to select the right one, to have the correct list of Clubs available in the Team selection.
  • Beginning date and end date: these fields define the duration of the Competition.
  • Venue: it is the location where the Competition will take place.
  • Information: it is a free format field, where the Administrators can leave their notes about the Competition.
  • ID in your DB: this field is essential in case the Administrator wants to use the XML Import tool or some other import tool provided for the customers having a database. In this filed, the Administrator must set the identifier of the competition in his database. The ID must be unique for the competition.