This article will provide you the steps to insert a team for your league.


The Team is the entity that contains players, coaches and staff and who will participate in the Championships. The Team is strictly related to a specific Season, so it will be created new for each Season (or it can be imported from previous seasons).

1. Log in to WCM using your credentials.

2. Click on “Competition Manager”.

3. Click on the button 'Change Season' and, once the pop up window appears, select the current season.

4. On the left side of the screen click on “Competition” then on “Team Management.”

5. On the top right of the screen, click on “INSERT New Team”.

6. Fill out the team's information and finally click on "INSERT New Team".

It’s important to correctly set some information when creating a new team: 

  • Name: The name will be used in the software and in the Web Competition Site when provided.
  • Short Name: A short name is used for visualization when fewer spaces are needed.
  • Teletext Name: This should be 5 letters max, which identifies the Team. 
  • Club: Here you have to choose the existing Club who will manage the Team (this is important also for Accounts, as the Club’s account will be used from the team to operate with Services and Software) 
  • Participant Category: This is important to have the Team in the right Competitions. This field will be compared with the Competition Type to show only the right Teams in the right Competition 
  • ID in Your DB: This will be used in case you’re using the XML Import Tool or XML Import Web Service.